Day by day…

In Uncategorized on March 1, 2009 at 2:50 am

“Poverty is not solely a matter of income. To some extent it is caused by the high crime rates, low property values, poor schools, and other factors that surround most poor neighborhoods. Although increased income should help ameliorate these factors over time, it does not suddenly help them go away. If markets and power relationships are tilted against the poor, higher income may merely result in rising prices as a series of unscrupulous dealers take advantage of workers with litter experience and few alternatives. This objection can be overdone. Unregulated markets tend to be extremely responsive to new demand, and at some point, the poor have to be held responsible for their own choices if they keep purchasing inferior services even when better ones are available. Moreover, their ability to make smart decisions when given the chance is frequently underestimated. Nevertheless, concern about the persistence of environmental factors has some basis in reality” (Joseph V. Kennedy).

How can the poor be “held responsible [for] purchasing inferior services” when it may be all they can afford. Why does it seem as if the poor are often blamed for their circumstances? Granted, I do believe that there are those who have made bad financial choices, etc. However, no one enjoys living in an impoverished state and thus should not be fully blamed for their condition. When the poor purchase various inferior services, they do so primarily because they have no other option. These individuals and families live day by day (literally)! Do we have a right to scrutinize the way the poor spend the little money they do have? Inferior or not, I believe they know what “services” are best for them.


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