Ohhhh the Possibilities…

In Uncategorized on April 21, 2009 at 1:52 am

Charity is the giving of help to those in need.  Americans oftentimes believe the government should solve all of the “problems” in the United States.  Then there is a sense of intense frustration when various needs are not met.  I agree that the government should solve many (not all) of America’s problems—among which is caring for the lowest of American classes.  When I see the status of the impoverished never improve, I become frustrated and wonder why we even bother electing American officials.  Then it occurred to me one day that I should stop complaining and actually do something about it. So I was thinking, “Of the 300 million Americans, what if 150 million of those gave 12 dollars a year to a charity aimed at ending poverty.  Simply stated, this scenario is assuming that 50% of Americans give a dollar a month to a charity (I feel this is a reasonable assumption).  If this scenario were to come to fruition, Americans would raise $1,800,000,000/year geared toward fighting poverty—yes, almost 2 billion dollars a year.  There isn’t much to say now, except for “OH THE POSSIBILITIES”.


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