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Fulfilling My Mission

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This blog will discuss poverty and the wide range of issues impoverished individuals and families deal with on a daily basis. This blog will not persuade one to address poverty in any certain way. In hope of broadening the influence of this blog, its primary purpose will be to provide objective information on all aspects of poverty. Hopefully, my messages and your comments will cause all to address poverty in their own unique way. (An excerpt from my mission statement).

I felt that it was important that I dedicated my last blog posting to speaking on behalf of my mission.  At the beginning of this communicative journey, I laid ground rules for want I planned to accomplish during my time discussing poverty on this website.  I believe I have addressed a wide range of issues from an objective perspective.  I also hope that the subjective statements I made, if many, made a contribution to the tone of this blog.  I did not want readers of The Wheel of Misfortune to feel limited in the ways in which they could address poverty.  While I may have suggested ways in which one may be able to help the less fortunate, I hope you left each reading with a more creative approach to tackling issues of poverty.

This is merely my opinion, but I believe I have done a quality job of responding to my mission with consistency and clarity. And if you disagree with this assertion, I hope I have at least left you with the impression that I am passionate about ending poverty across this great land!

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Count Your Blessings and Give Back

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Poverty is terrible—needless to say.  It is something that is unpredictable, something that can come out of no where and snatch you.  I am not of the mindset that it is impossible for me to become impoverished—I am simply not that bold.  However, I do choose to count my blessings.  I am extremely fortunate to have clothes on my back, food on my table, and a roof over my head at the present moment.  I do not take it for granted, just extremely thankful.  I have challenged many—politicians and the American public—on this blog.  I have challenged you to take a giant leap in helping those who are less fortunate.  It is also time for me to take it to the “next level”.  I give to those who are in need on a regular basis—but it’s not enough.  I feel I can do so much more.  I feel it is worth it to spend a little less on me and more on others.  This is not a posting debating policy, criticizing politicians, or speaking toward the future of America and poverty; it is simply a post expressing that IT’S NOT ABOUT ME. (A posting like this is long overdue).  Life is about giving back to a cause that is greater than yourself—I want to become a major player in that cause.count-your-blessings5

The Story of America

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new-orleans-flag-wrapped-women-post-katrinaIn my mission statement, I wrote that Poverty is the scarcity of common items such as shelter, clothing, and goods—all of which determine one’s quality of life. Poverty is also considered to be the lack of access to opportunities such as education and employment. While many public figures bring this prevailing issue to light, many Americans are oblivious to poverty’s devastating effects to millions of United States citizens. I believe those sentences create a powerful statement.  It touches on the fact that material things impact one’s ability to live a quality life.  It speaks on the notion that contained opportunities can lead to the demise of an individuals potential to escape poverty’s realm.  And yes, millions of Americans have to deal with poverty on a minute by minute basis, and this is sad.  However, if there was ever a nation that could provide an individual with an opportunity to have that “rags to riches” story, it is the United States of America.  The United States, while not perfect, allows dreams (once thought unbelievable) to come true.  Now the only question is, “What can we do to increase the likelihood of making dreams a reality across this great land?”

What We Don’t See

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Many assume that poverty is something that you can automatically recognize, something that you can spot out with ease, and something that is extremely blatant.  This is not always the case.  We see people on street corners, on newspapers, and in homeless shelters that are impoverished—it is quite obvious that they are struggling to make ends meet either for themselves or for their entire family.  What we often do not see are individuals who don’t look as if they are impoverished, but really are.  For instance, take a college student:  I believe that most individuals wouldn’t consider college tuition to be an inexpensive entity.  Yet, we may walk around campus and never see an individual in a “homeless” state.  The fact of the matter is that at schools and universities across the nation, there are students who struggle to “make it by”.  They may not appear to be struggling, but they really are. The same applies to other places where people take on visible roles that contradict their economic state.  The bottom line is poverty is real—bigger than many imagine.  Just because you may not see it or may not recognize those who are trapped in it doesn’t mean that it does not impose a powerful existence.

Affluence Creates Poverty

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Marshall McLuhan once stated that, “Affluence creates poverty”.  For the longest time, this made no sense to me.  It seemed to be such a contradictory statement.  However, when I decided to delve deeper into the mind of McLuhan and observe the world in which we live, the quote made perfect sense.  I believe that—in this world which is often labeled by its greed—while many become richer, others are “left behind”.  It is not because there is less money available to the poor (it’s available, many of the poor simply do not have access to it); it’s that the rich often times do not share their wealth.  I must acknowledge the fact there are endless numbers of individuals who have dedicated their lives to charitable foundations and bringing an end to poverty.  However, there are also those who either ignore the fact that poverty exists or are naïve and not able to recognize its impact on many.  Let’s not let greed take over the spirit of American culture.  Let’s not depend on the government to solve 100% of America’s problems. Let’s prove Marshall McLuhan wrong!

Talent Exists…

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This blog has devoted a great deal of time to the notion that the poor do not have access to various opportunities in the United States.  I stand strongly in agreement with this statement.  Rather than focusing on the problem however, I feel that it is important to dedicate time to envisioning what exactly would happen if America’s poor had access to opportunities.  I believe that if the impoverished in the United States were given various opportunities, than we would tap into tremendous talent.  I believe that we would find doctors, lawyers, preachers, teachers, presidents, corporate CEO’s, and so forth.  Who knows, if we provided an unfortunate child with the opportunity to attend college, he/she just might find a cure to cancer.  Talent exists in our nation’s poor.  It is only when we provide them with every opportunity to succeed can they add to the greater good of this nation and even the world.