Affluence Creates Poverty

In Uncategorized on May 3, 2009 at 4:47 am

Marshall McLuhan once stated that, “Affluence creates poverty”.  For the longest time, this made no sense to me.  It seemed to be such a contradictory statement.  However, when I decided to delve deeper into the mind of McLuhan and observe the world in which we live, the quote made perfect sense.  I believe that—in this world which is often labeled by its greed—while many become richer, others are “left behind”.  It is not because there is less money available to the poor (it’s available, many of the poor simply do not have access to it); it’s that the rich often times do not share their wealth.  I must acknowledge the fact there are endless numbers of individuals who have dedicated their lives to charitable foundations and bringing an end to poverty.  However, there are also those who either ignore the fact that poverty exists or are naïve and not able to recognize its impact on many.  Let’s not let greed take over the spirit of American culture.  Let’s not depend on the government to solve 100% of America’s problems. Let’s prove Marshall McLuhan wrong!


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