Fulfilling My Mission

In Uncategorized on May 3, 2009 at 4:55 am

This blog will discuss poverty and the wide range of issues impoverished individuals and families deal with on a daily basis. This blog will not persuade one to address poverty in any certain way. In hope of broadening the influence of this blog, its primary purpose will be to provide objective information on all aspects of poverty. Hopefully, my messages and your comments will cause all to address poverty in their own unique way. (An excerpt from my mission statement).

I felt that it was important that I dedicated my last blog posting to speaking on behalf of my mission.  At the beginning of this communicative journey, I laid ground rules for want I planned to accomplish during my time discussing poverty on this website.  I believe I have addressed a wide range of issues from an objective perspective.  I also hope that the subjective statements I made, if many, made a contribution to the tone of this blog.  I did not want readers of The Wheel of Misfortune to feel limited in the ways in which they could address poverty.  While I may have suggested ways in which one may be able to help the less fortunate, I hope you left each reading with a more creative approach to tackling issues of poverty.

This is merely my opinion, but I believe I have done a quality job of responding to my mission with consistency and clarity. And if you disagree with this assertion, I hope I have at least left you with the impression that I am passionate about ending poverty across this great land!

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