Talent Exists…

In Uncategorized on May 3, 2009 at 4:44 am

This blog has devoted a great deal of time to the notion that the poor do not have access to various opportunities in the United States.  I stand strongly in agreement with this statement.  Rather than focusing on the problem however, I feel that it is important to dedicate time to envisioning what exactly would happen if America’s poor had access to opportunities.  I believe that if the impoverished in the United States were given various opportunities, than we would tap into tremendous talent.  I believe that we would find doctors, lawyers, preachers, teachers, presidents, corporate CEO’s, and so forth.  Who knows, if we provided an unfortunate child with the opportunity to attend college, he/she just might find a cure to cancer.  Talent exists in our nation’s poor.  It is only when we provide them with every opportunity to succeed can they add to the greater good of this nation and even the world.


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