What We Don’t See

In Uncategorized on May 3, 2009 at 4:51 am

Many assume that poverty is something that you can automatically recognize, something that you can spot out with ease, and something that is extremely blatant.  This is not always the case.  We see people on street corners, on newspapers, and in homeless shelters that are impoverished—it is quite obvious that they are struggling to make ends meet either for themselves or for their entire family.  What we often do not see are individuals who don’t look as if they are impoverished, but really are.  For instance, take a college student:  I believe that most individuals wouldn’t consider college tuition to be an inexpensive entity.  Yet, we may walk around campus and never see an individual in a “homeless” state.  The fact of the matter is that at schools and universities across the nation, there are students who struggle to “make it by”.  They may not appear to be struggling, but they really are. The same applies to other places where people take on visible roles that contradict their economic state.  The bottom line is poverty is real—bigger than many imagine.  Just because you may not see it or may not recognize those who are trapped in it doesn’t mean that it does not impose a powerful existence.


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